When trying to keep your nuptials organized, assigned seating by way of escort cards can ensure guests a table and a seat to come back to and to leave their personal belongings at while they enjoy the party. In addition to their functionality, escort cards also serve as a beautiful introduction to what lays ahead in your reception decor! Most commonly escort card displays can be found during the cocktail hour so guests have time to mingle and find their seating prior to the start of the reception. A common and cost effective setup of bifold stationary with a guest name and table number can be accompanied with florals that match your centerpieces or just a simple candle light glow. A modern take on escort cards can allow for the names to be written on surfaces other than paper such as leaves for Fall weddings or river rocks for a natural feel or outdoor wedding. When placed in the center of a cocktail area or near a wedding guestbook, escort card settings can be a creative and interactive way to welcome your guests to your special day. We’ve attached a few creative inspiration images sourced via Pinterest for you to view below!