We are just as in love with peacocks as our brides! The details in the layering of colors, the textures of it’s individual feathers, the placement of different shape and sized plumes all of it comes together to create one spectacular display. This is what we work to mirror when bringing all the details of your room together!

We love incorporating peacock colors into Sangeet and Mehndi palettes but try and use an unconventional touch to make it versatile to work into a Wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. Instead of the much overdone use of a few peacock eye feathers, we decided to use peacock swords for this arrangement bringing in some softness through the curviture of one placed behind another to show off the beautiful color gradient. The swords were nestled into carved stone vessels full of lush red majolica roses to give a stark color contrast with the beautiful greens and blues of the feathers.

We created probably one of our favorite bouquets with the theme in mind. Black magic roses, succulents, burgundy and deep pink cymbidium orchids, peacock swords, a stunning teal raw silk ribbon all topped off with an Indian piece of jewelry called a jhumka as a seal. The grooms boutonniere was made with red majolica roses, peacock swords, and the same teal ribbon for the bride’s bouquet. Bold colors paired with natural earthy elements bring a vintage luxe feel to this tablescape. Are you feeling inspired?